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  • Do you want to Sell but don't know where to begin?
  • Do you want to make sure you get the maximum amount of money possible for your home?
  • Do you want the peace of mind knowing that you made the right choice of Realtor/Real Estate Agent and got every manageable ounce out of your Home?

So get this!...

James came to us in a bind and needed to sell for top dollar as he had just bought his home only 3 years earlier...

Truth is, in only owning a home for 3 years, the odds were not good that he would walk away with any money.

In fact, it was more likely that he was going to have to bring money to the closing table.

Well, through a well played pricing strategy and some strong negotiating, james was able to get multiple offers; accepting one that was well above asking. The offer was also "as is" (meaning no repairs would be requested, and they even offered to pay part of his closing costs.

So After only 3 years of owning a home and all likelihood of losing a significant portion on his savings, we were able to help james actually walk away with cash in hand... and a good sum, all things considered.

Let us Get YOU started with your FREE Comprehensive Home Value Report!

"The first thing a seller needs to know is what their home is worth. Everything kind of hinges on that. Even up to whether or not you can even afford to sell in the first place."

- James

My name is Jonah Taylor,

Owner and Realtor with The Smart Move Group Of Keller Williams,

and my team and I are here to help guide you through the entire selling process!

  • 20 Million dollar producer.
  • #2 Real Estate Team in a brokerage of over 500 agents.
  • Part of the Maryland/DC Region's Top 100 Agents.
  • Team Leader for The Smart Move Group
  • CEO of The Smart Move Group.
  • Keller Williams Approved Public Speaker
  • Keller Williams Certified Market Center Instructor

What you can expect when you list with us...

Great Communication

We keep our clients informed every step of the way. We pride ourselves on educating our clients and being highly responsive. Truth is, I like to get informative answers in a reasonable timeframe... and I bet you do too!

Professional Support

We will be there to help you navigate the process and avoid the common pitfalls in the selling process. We will hold your hand as much as you want us to!

Afforable Commisions

We only charge 2% to list your home! Which allows you to keep more money in your pocket. And the nice part is, you don't have to sacrifice a thing. We still do it all!

Tons of Professionalism

Since the Smart Move Group is a Team of Realtors, you get the experience and proffessionalism of a group of Realtors, not just one person.

Have Any Further Questions about Selling, Simply pick a time and we will give you a call!

We Cover The Entire Spectrum Of Home Sellers

Price Your Home Effectively.

Moving from your existing home to a new home can be challenging. We can help you navigate the process.

Staging suggestions

Already own a home and looking to lower you payments, get cash out or consolidate debt? We offer a broad array of refinancing options. Decluttering, renovations and improvements, moving reccomendations,

Professional Photography

Investing in Real Estate provides generational wealth. Navigating the waters of buying investment property can be cumbersome. We will provide you will all the knowledge and know how to make informed investment real estate investment decisions.

Strong Negotiating.

Sometimes life happens and your credit score may take a hit. No worries. We can help you get back on the path to get you mortgage approved in no time.

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